She Saved Her Cat Using Salad Tongs After Finding Her Feline Friend With A Poisonous Snake Wrapped Around Its Neck

Kellie - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

One woman’s quick thinking and resourcefulness allowed her to save her cat from a potentially deadly situation.

When faced with the challenge of rescuing her feline from a dangerous predicament, she turned to an unexpected tool: a pair of salad tongs.

Who knew that the most ordinary object could become an extraordinary lifesaving instrument?

On January 30, Rebecca Daynes of Brisbane, Australia, found her cat Mabel with an eastern brown snake wrapped around her neck.

Eastern brown snakes are poisonous reptiles that live in many regions throughout Australia. They are also fast-moving creatures that are dangerous to humans.

The snakes are active during the day and usually feed on mice, lizards, and ground-dwelling birds. According to the Australian Museum, eastern brown snakes are responsible for more snake bite deaths in Australia than any other species of snake.

Once Daynes became aware of the situation, she sprung into action. Desperate to save her furry friend, she managed to uncoil the snake from Mabel’s neck with a pair of salad tongs.

Amazingly, Mabel didn’t seem to have been bitten by the venomous snake. And, 24 hours later, she hadn’t shown any signs of distress.

The snake, on the other hand, was covered in bite marks. However, it survived the incident and slithered outside, where it is now “presumably somewhere in the garden or the bushland behind the house.”

Kellie – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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