She Says Weekends Are Different Now, And Admitted To No Longer Caring About Having Plans

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Are you someone who cannot wait to go out and enjoy some late-night adventures with friends on the weekend? Or, would you be perfectly happy spending most of your weekend relaxing and lazing around the house?

More people, even those in their 20s, have recently been expressing that they’ve started valuing relaxing, self-care time over socializing and partying over the weekend, and weekend vibes have drastically shifted in the last few years.

While younger people are usually associated with weekends that consist of drinking, dancing, and socializing, they’re beginning to have a much deeper appreciation for quiet time after a long week.

For instance, TikTok creator Christina (@christinakdub) recently went viral for sharing her thoughts on how she likes to spend her weekends these days.

“Has anyone else just noticed that weekends have just become different?” Christina asks her viewers.

“Like, I don’t care about having plans on Saturdays or Sundays anymore.”

Christina explains to her viewers that she doesn’t care about doing anything that complex during weekends anymore. While some people can’t get through the weekend without a tall drink at their local bar on a Friday night, Christina admits that she’d be perfectly content staying home and indulging in a slice of cake and a can of sparkling water.

“Is this [aging], or is it just a weird phenomenon that’s happening [among] all of us?” Christina asks at the end of her video.

Christina was not alone in her weekend sentiments, as thousands of TikTok viewers shared that they felt the same way in the comments on her video.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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