She Set Up An Emergency Fund In Case She Needs To Leave Her Husband Because He Cheated On Her And Has Been Unemployed For Months, Forcing Her To Shoulder All Their Expenses Alone

“In the seven years we’ve been together, he’s shown me he’s just a ‘go with the flow’ type of guy, and I’ve had to pay the price for it,” she explained.

“I’m almost 30 with a great career, but I have nothing to show for any of it because this relationship has been financially draining.”

They’ve since racked up a ton of debt during her husband’s unemployment period, too, meaning that they’re barely able to make ends meet right now. And she keeps trying to tell her husband how exhausted she is, but nothing seems to change.

She, on the other hand, decided to sell her old home– which she bought before tying the knot.

Given the current state of their relationship, though, she decided to put the newfound funds into a personal savings account under her name only as an emergency fund.

Yes, she and her husband had previously agreed to place the money in a joint account for both of them.

“But I don’t trust that he won’t burn through it the same way we racked up credit card debt during his last unemployment,” she reasoned.

“I plan to leave it in my personal account, and in case he doesn’t follow through and start contributing, I will be leaving.”

Then, if her husband decides to “move forward” and fix their issues, she will just move the money into their shared account.

She was very transparent about her decision, too, and told her husband her plan. Still, he is really angry and believes that she’s just planning on their marriage ending.

“But I feel like it would be stupid to be stuck in supporting us again and not being able to afford a way out if I want to leave,” she vented.

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