She Started Posting Memories Of Her Late Partner On Social Media After He Passed Away, But His Childhood Friend Told Her To Stop And Called Her Out Online For Being An “Attention Seeker”

She also knew that her partner’s family liked it when she shared memories of him online. So, she told the childhood friend she wouldn’t stop, as she saw nothing wrong with it.

Unfortunately, the drama did not stop there. 

Her partner’s childhood friend decided to post a picture of her on social media and describe her as an attention seeker. He then instructed his followers to mute her social media accounts. To make matters worse, a few of her partner’s other friends chimed in and agreed that she shouldn’t post his memories as much.

She feels that she hasn’t been doing anything wrong, as it’s been six months since her partner passed, and she mostly posts about him during significant events like his birthday, Valentine’s Day, the holidays, etc.

However, everyone else’s reactions make her question if she’s done something wrong.

“I’ve never dealt with a loss of someone this close before,” she admitted.

“I don’t think I know what is appropriate.”

Was she wrong to post pictures of her late partner, or are his friends being ridiculous?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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