She Told Her Bossy Sister-In-Law That The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Her Just Because She’s Pregnant

fotofrol - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Not long ago, this 16-year-old girl’s sister-in-law broke the news to the family that she was pregnant. The whole family was thrilled, and they had a gathering to celebrate the announcement. Because of the pregnancy, her brother and sister-in-law moved back into their parents’ house.

Since then, her sister-in-law has started ordering her around. At first, it was minor requests like asking for a glass of water or if she could reach an item up high that she couldn’t get to.

Eventually, her sister-in-law began asking for things that made her uneasy, like foot massages. Because touching others makes her uneasy, she’s always rejected her sister-in-law’s requests.

“She would always call me unreasonable and say I was overreacting and that she was pregnant and needed help. I told my brother about this, and he just chalked it up to her ‘hormones’ acting up, so I dropped it,” she said.

This past Friday, she was working on a huge research paper that was almost due for one of her classes. She had her headphones in while devoting her day to finishing her paper, so she didn’t notice right away that her sister-in-law had come into her room to order her to do the dishes.

In response, she let her sister-in-law know that she’d be done with her paper in a couple of hours, and after that, she could do the dishes.

But her sister-in-law was furious with this answer, and she started name-calling her and screaming that she needed others to assist her with things around the house because she was pregnant.

Then, her sister-in-law stormed out of the room. Three hours later, she emerged from her bedroom and walked downstairs to a chaotic scene.

“My sister-in-law was crying, telling the family I hit her and called her names,” she explained.

fotofrol – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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