She Told Her Kids That If They Want Their Late Dad’s Belongings, They Can Buy It From The Yard Sale She’s Having

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two years ago, this woman lost her husband to cancer. After her husband was diagnosed with this, he chose not to fight, and so, he sadly passed away.

Losing her husband was not only hard on her, but it was hard on her children as well. Her children are all grown up, and her youngest is 25, while her oldest is 31.

To this day, she does still live in the house that she shared with her husband, but she has been left feeling like she’s living in some kind of a shrine to him or living alongside his ghost.

Remaining in a house where all of her husband’s belongings remain untouched does nothing but continuously remind her of her loss.

It’s not the items they shared that get to her; it’s things like his fishing pole sitting around that upset her, as she knows he’s never coming back for it.

“I have been slowly getting rid of things, and I have asked the kids multiple times that if they want something, they need to get it,” she explained.

“Nothing, every time they never take anything. I’ve decided to have a yard sale, and what doesn’t sell there, I will start putting it on Facebook marketplace and other platforms.”

“I’m tired of looking at all my dead husband’s stuff day in and day out. It’s depressing, it’s like living with a ghost.”

Not that long ago, she went to her son’s home to print out flyers for the yard sale she’s planning on having, as her printer was not cooperating with her that day.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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