She Took Her Wedding Dress Back From Her Daughter After Her Daughter Admitted She Wanted To Turn It Into A Suit

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Many women love the idea of getting married in their mom’s wedding dress; however, because style trends change over time, some of those dresses need to be altered a bit to suit the bride’s taste.

One woman recently had to take back her wedding dress after her daughter wanted to drastically alter it to wear it for her upcoming wedding.

She’s 44 and has a 25-year-old daughter who will marry her girlfriend later this year. She always had dreams of watching her daughter walk down the aisle and knew it would mean even more to her to watch that happen after her husband died.

This is a very exciting time for her daughter, as she always dreamed of getting married and often pretended to be a bride when she was a little girl.

When her daughter was 13, she told her she was allowed to wear her wedding dress on her special day.

As the years passed, her daughter evolved and started dressing much more masculinely.

“I have always been very supportive of all of this, even when she met her girlfriend and proposed to her,” she explained.

“I have encouraged her as much as I can [and] am contributing significantly to the wedding. I recently called and asked her when she wanted me to bring over the dress, as it would likely need slight alterations.”

“She dropped the bombshell on me that she wanted to wear a suit and have my wedding dress altered to remove the skirt so the bodice could be worn with trousers.”

mirage_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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