She Vanished While On A Cross-Country Trip With Her Ex-Boyfriend And Their Two Daughters, And Her Ex’s Car Was Found Abandoned Smelling Of “Putrefied Blood” With A Loaded Glock Pistol Magazine And A “Projectile Hole” In The Passenger Door

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A mother of two went missing while traveling from Alabama to Wyoming with her ex-boyfriend and their two children in October 2023, and her loved ones are still frantically searching for answers.

Katheryn “Katie” Ferguson formerly lived in Cody, Wyoming, and had been in an on-and-off again relationship for eight years with her ex-boyfriend, Adam. Adam, 26, and Katie, 33, had two daughters together, who are 4-years-old and 1-year-old.

But, in May of 2023, Katie decided to leave Wyoming and move to Alabama with her daughters. There, she moved in with her mother and reportedly wanted to get a “fresh start” away from Adam– who she claimed was “abusive” in their relationship.

“She was scared of him. She didn’t want the girls around him,” said Katie’s sister, Amanda Ferguson.

Then, in October of last year, Katie reportedly reached out to Adam and wanted him to take her back to Cody, Wyoming. So, they both set out on a cross-country trip, and Katie vanished somewhere along the way.

She was last seen on October 5, 2023, at about 11:00 a.m., when police conducted a routine check of Adam’s car in Trumann, Arkansas. At that time, Katie, Adam, and their kids were resting in a gas station parking lot.

Adam’s vehicle was pulled over twice more over the following few days– once on October 9 by the Texas State Patrol and again on October 11 by the Colorado State Patrol.

During both of those later police stops, though, Katie was not inside the car. Moreover, the passenger seat had instead been filled with a big pile of clothing. A review of body cam footage also revealed that a projectile hole in the passenger door of Adam’s car had been covered with duct tape.

Following these stops, Katie never returned to Cody, Wyoming, with Adam and their daughters, and she has not been seen or heard from since.

Trevor – – illustrative purposes only

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