She Was Featured On A Hockey Game Kiss Cam While On A First Date, And She Felt Embarrassed That Some Of Her Coworkers Saw The Whole Thing

They all recognized her and had a good laugh about the situation. It is unclear whether a second date is in store for their future.

Many TikTok users praised her for behaving appropriately and treating the moment with tact, particularly when people from her workplace were present.

Others were divided in opinion about the kiss cam as a social pastime. Some believed that kiss cams should be a thing of the past, while a few argued that kiss cams provided the perfect excuse to get closer to your date.

“Kiss cams are the worst, most out-of-date tradition that needs to end,” declared one user.

“Yeah, kiss cams are only cute when they find a couple that’s been married 30 years,” stated another.

“Should have just given him a kiss, TBH. No harm, no foul,” commented someone else.

What would you do in this situation? Do you think you would kiss the other person? Or would you let the moment pass?


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