She Was Forced To Uninvite Her Fiancé’s Mom From Her Wedding Because She Wouldn’t Stop Trying To Control The Entire Planning Process

irinaneva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many women who have boyfriends with overbearing mothers fear their wedding planning process, as they may try to take over the wedding and make it about them. 

One woman recently had to uninvite her future mother-in-law to her wedding because she was aggressively trying to take over the planning process and make the experience about her.

She and her fiancé are both 28 and met in college. They got engaged last year, and she’s been super excited about planning their wedding, which will happen this fall.

While she loves most of her fiancé’s family, she’s always struggled to get along with his mom.

“She is separated from his dad, and from what I’ve heard and witnessed, the family doesn’t get along with her,” she explained.

“If you met her, you’d understand why. She’s super judgmental, rude, and barely has a nice word to say about her own kids, let alone me.” 

However, her fiancé is his mom’s favorite child, so she instantly wanted to make the entire day about her when she found out he was getting married.

Her fiancé’s mom immediately started inserting herself into the entire wedding planning process, attending tux fittings, trying to choose the song they’d have their first dance to, and even scolded her when she chose a wedding gown she didn’t approve of.

As her fiancé’s mom became more intense, she and the rest of his family began throwing around the idea of uninviting her. Then, she did something they considered the ‘last straw.’

irinaneva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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