She Went On A Terrible First Date That Started Out With Coffee And Ended At The Doctor’s Office

While in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, he started chatting with someone he knew. However, he didn’t introduce her, so she awkwardly sat beside him until he was called into the treatment room.

He forced her to accompany him into the treatment room even though she didn’t want to. She felt uncomfortable saying no since there were so many people in the waiting room to bear witness.

He told her he would introduce her to his doctor as his girlfriend, even though they hadn’t slept together yet.

When they left the doctor’s office and walked into the parking garage, where a bunch of people were around, he kept screaming for no reason. He also tried to tell her that feminism was bad for society and that women shouldn’t have equal rights.

By that point, she was ready to be done with their date. But then, he informed her that she needed to drive his car since he wasn’t able to after the knee injections.

She started stressing out because she wasn’t a very good driver, but she was desperate to leave, so she decided just to get behind the wheel.

As she was driving, he showed her steamy photos of himself and tried to convince her to start a sock subscription company with him.

He also informed her that he had another doctor’s appointment in 20 minutes and invited her to come along with him to that one, too. He declared he would take her out to dinner afterward.

She was annoyed because he should’ve known that she would be busy. Suddenly, he made her stop the car so he could get some green juice. He paid for hers, but that in no way made up for the terrible experience she had been forced to suffer through.

Then, he announced that he was 20 minutes late to his doctor’s appointment and ordered a ride home for her.


Went for coffee, ended up at the doctors office ??????????????? pls share your worst date so I know I’m not the only one ? #singlelifebelike #worstdatestory #worstdatestories #singlelifeproblems #torontodating #rayadate #torontodatingfails

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