She Won’t Find Her Husband A New Job Because She Doesn’t Think A Full-Grown Man Should Need Her Help Job Hunting While She’s Already Working Full-Time And Caring For The Kids

At that point, he just shrugged, so she went ahead anyway and started telling her husband about their local workforce center.

“They help with all of that– from resume writing to job hunting, you name it,” she said.

However, her husband suddenly just got really quiet once she mentioned the workforce center. Then, out of nowhere, he just stood up and began screaming again. But that time, his anger was directed at her.

Her husband claimed that she just didn’t care about him at all and thought that if she did, then she would be willing to help him.

Plus, he believes that he shouldn’t need to “beg some stranger” to get some help applying for jobs.

After his outburst, he also stormed into their bedroom and slammed the door behind him. In her mind, though, her husband was out of line for expecting her to find him a job on top of her own work and home responsibilities.

“Honestly, after an eight to 12-hour work day, making dinner, bathing the boys, and getting them to bed, the idea of having to job hunt for a full-grown man because he’s too proud to seek help kind of irks me. I’m not gonna lie,” she vented.

Nonetheless, with her husband now upset with her, she can’t help but wonder if not helping him find a new job really does make her a jerk.

Do you agree that her husband is a grown man who can seek help himself? Should she feel guilty about not finding him a job or not?

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