She Worked At A Restaurant, And A Customer Actually Asked The Hostess To “Spot Him” $50 If His Friends Decided Not To Cover His Dinner Bill

InsideCreativeHouse - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, when you’re eating out with a group of people, you can be surprised by having to pay a much larger bill than you anticipated. But have you ever been so short on cash at a restaurant that you’ve had to ask the staff to help pay your share of the check?

One TikTok creator recently reenacted a shocking moment where a regular customer at the restaurant she worked at asked the hostess to pay him $50 if his friends wouldn’t cover his dinner bill.

Stephanie Carlisle (@sassyserver0529) is a TikTok content creator who makes videos about her experiences working in restaurants, including ones with intense customers and hectic waitstaff.

In one of her recent videos, Stephanie recalled the time a customer she dubbed “Mr. Williams” had an odd request for her restaurant’s hostess.

Mr. Williams, a frequent customer at the restaurant, walked in and said another couple would join him and his partner for dinner.

As he was being led to his table, Mr. Williams said to the hostess, “Before you take us back, we’re meeting another couple here, and I fully intend on them paying the tab tonight, but should they not, can you spot me $50?”

At first, the hostess thought Mr. Williams was kidding and led him to his table. However, he wasn’t.

He explained that money was tight and there was a slight chance he may need $50 to pay his share of dinner.

The hostess still disregarded his question until an hour later, when Mr. Williams approached her and said as they were getting closer to ordering dessert, he still couldn’t tell if the other couple was going to cover the bill. He asked the hostess once again if she would loan him $50 for the bill.

InsideCreativeHouse – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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