She’s A Mental Health Therapist Advising People To Stop Worrying About Pleasing Everyone Because It’s Impossible And Isn’t Worth All Of The Heartache

“This statement is deep…Changing my focus from external to internal is a real struggle. Old habits are hard to break!” commented one user.

“As a chronic people pleaser in recovery, I’m learning this. It’s so hard but also very liberating. Practice will make perfect,” stated another.

“Ever since I stopped caring what others think or say, I felt reborn and more alive,” chimed in someone else.

There is often no productive use for worrying about what others think of you. Unfortunately, in the day and age of the internet, we are left caring way too much about our images.

However, keep in mind that no one thinks about how you’re perceived as much as you do, and you’re likely judging yourself harder than anyone else is.


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