She’s Being Blamed For Embarrassing Her Fiancé In Front Of His Friends After She Said He Wasn’t Entitled To Her Inheritance Just Because They’re Getting Married

SHOTPRIME STUDIO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One year ago, this 32-year-old woman’s fiancé, 35, proposed to her. They’ve been in a relationship for the last five years, and they’re getting married in May of next year. Sadly, just a couple of weeks after they got engaged, her grandmother died.

For decades, her grandmother and grandfather made a lot of money and had great educations and impressive careers.

Since both came from families who lived paycheck to paycheck, they did their best to save as much as possible throughout their marriage and into old age.

Her grandfather is smart and savvy when investing money, so her grandparents have an exceptional amount saved.

According to the terms of her grandma’s will, she, her brother, and their three cousins would inherit thousands of dollars each.

Due to family issues and court proceedings, it took a long time to confirm that she would receive the inheritance money.

Recently, she learned she’d be getting the money after all. Yesterday, she told her fiancé about it, and he was thrilled, more so than she’d predicted he would be.

At first, she dismissed his intense enthusiasm, but she realized later that day why he’d initially seemed so excited.

“I heard him on a game with his mates saying, ‘I can pay my credit card off with that money, mate! We can finally get that boys’ holiday we’ve been planning, ay?’ and laughing,” she said.

SHOTPRIME STUDIO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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