She’s Being Blamed For Embarrassing Her Fiancé In Front Of His Friends After She Said He Wasn’t Entitled To Her Inheritance Just Because They’re Getting Married

Immediately after hearing this, she entered the room and asked him what money he was referring to. In response, her fiancé gave her a confused look and said he was talking about the inheritance money she was receiving from her grandmother.

Her fiancé’s response infuriated her, and she yelled at him that he wouldn’t be using her inheritance money for his debts without her consent, adding that he wouldn’t be using the money for a vacation with his friends.

She reminded him that the inheritance money wasn’t his; her grandmother named her as the one receiving the money, not him.

Their discussion escalated into a full-blown screaming fight. Eventually, she walked out of the room because she was so angry. A few minutes later, her fiancé stopped playing his game to follow her into the kitchen to continue the argument.

“He scolded me again and said, ‘We are getting married. You will become my financial BURDEN. Any money you take in is mine, also. It was incredibly selfish of you to make such a fool out of me in front of my friends and give them false hope of a holiday,'” she explained.

It didn’t make any sense for her fiancé to comment about her supposedly giving his friends “false hope” of a vacation because he was the one who suggested the idea to them, not her.

“Where I become a financial burden, I don’t know, considering I am in a very good job, and I don’t want children,” she shared.

After her fiancé’s accusations, she didn’t argue back. She left and went to stay with a friend for the night and doesn’t know what to do moving forward.

What advice would you give her?

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