She’s Refusing To Help Pay For Her Brother’s Girlfriend To Travel With Them On A Family Vacation, But Her Brother Keeps Saying She Earns Enough Money And Shouldn’t Mind

In addition, she felt like her salary was irrelevant to the issue. She didn’t understand why her brother was so mad with what she said and thought he was blowing it out of proportion.

“I thought by principle that it made sense, but it seems I may have been wrong. I don’t think he was trying to freeload off of my money, but rather he thinks my mentality is wrong,” she explained.

During the conversation, she got the impression that her brother was upset because his girlfriend could become part of the family one day, so he thought she should be treating his girlfriend the same way they treated the rest of their family.

“His girlfriend is not paying, as she is a guest on the holiday, so I assume she was told she would not have to pay,” she shared.

She doesn’t think it matters whether or not her brother’s girlfriend has a job, but his girlfriend does work. Now, she doesn’t know what to think about the situation and isn’t sure if her view is wrong.

What advice would you give her?

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