She’s Sharing A List Of What She Needs Before Getting Pregnant, Which Includes A $250,000 Allowance Per Baby, A Personal Trainer, A “Mommy Makeover,” And A Housekeeper

Svetlana Sokolova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Pregnant women and hard-working mothers, in general, are like superheroes and don’t get nearly enough credit or praise for everything they go through just to bring a baby into this world.

Many women have “non-negotiable” factors that would need to be in place before they get pregnant and start having children. For instance, many women insist on being married to a committed partner, financially stable, and living in a big enough house before they start having children.

Other women have more extensive requirements before getting pregnant, and one woman recently went viral on TikTok for explaining hers.

Jenny (@_lifeofjenny_) is a London-based lifestyle content creator on TikTok who received over 50,000 likes on her video explaining her list of “non-negotiables” for her future pregnancies, which is a list of things that must be established and put in place before she ever gets pregnant.

“As a woman, I would be sacrificing a lot, so I don’t think [this list] is asking for too much,” says Jenny in her video.

If only every pregnant person could get each of these things on Jenny’s list.

First and foremost, Jenny wants to be married with a pre-nuptial agreement before having kids, as she has no intention of being someone’s “baby mama” if she isn’t married to them. Then, she demands on getting a $250,000 “allowance” for every baby she has.

“Surrogates make like $150,000 a year just to give birth,” says Jenny in her video.

“So please, don’t come at me. This will basically cover my weekly therapy sessions I’m going to need before and [after] giving birth.”

Svetlana Sokolova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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