She’s Sharing Her “No Dusty Sons” Videos, In Which She Teaches Her Sons Important Relationship Lessons So They Can Be Fair Partners In The Future

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A mom and middle school teacher named Payal (@payalforstyle) has gone viral for her “No Dusty Sons” series on TikTok, opening up a meaningful discussion about how boys and girls are often raised differently from each other.

In the series, she teaches her young sons various life lessons so they can contribute their fair share in future relationships.

Her videos have popularized the term “dusty sons.” While it’s not an official phrase in the dictionary, it holds a lot of meaning. In the context of Payal’s videos, it refers to men who are lazy and feed into the concept of toxic masculinity.

Payal’s goal is to ensure that her sons grow up to be respectful, self-sufficient, and emotionally mature.

One example of how she’s instilling these values in her children is showcased in a ten-second clip in which she instructs them to clean up after themselves.

“Teaching my son to notice the [junk] piled up at the bottom of the staircase so it’s not only on his partner to keep the house tidy,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video.

Another clip was about grocery shopping: “Teaching my sons to navigate the grocery store so they don’t end up calling their partner confused every time they go food shopping.”

And a third read, “Teaching my son that facial hair on a female is perfectly normal so he never thinks it’s okay to embarrass someone for it.”

She noted in the caption that this was a very important lesson for her to teach, especially because she had been self-conscious about her own body hair at a young age.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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