She’s Upset A Single Dad Was Invited To Join Her Mom Friend Group And Thinks It Should Only Be For Women With Kids

Grustock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When some women become mothers, they find that having a supportive group of mom friends is extremely helpful for having people to relate to and helping their kids make friends.

One woman is perturbed with her mom’s group after they invited a single dad to join, as she thinks it should strictly be a group for women with kids.

She’s 35 and is a single mother to two kids, ages five and three. Both her kids are in daycare, and since they started, she’s formed close relationships with a bunch of other moms who send their kids to the same one.

Her group of mom friends has been a lifesaver for her, as she has no relationship with her kids’ father, and he’s not in the picture at all. Since she has no support from a spouse, she relies on her mom-friends to get her through.

She and the moms are in a texting group chat, and their kids get together regularly for play dates. However, the group’s dynamic changed when a new parent was welcomed in.

Two new kids recently joined the daycare and are brought there every day by their dad. He’s tried making small talk with her while waiting for the kids, but she doesn’t like talking to “strange men,” so she hasn’t gotten to know him yet.

“A few weeks ago, one of the moms texted the group chat that she was adding this new dad to our group because he wanted to have his kids participate in play dates outside of daycare,” she recalled.

“I privately texted that other mom and told her I don’t feel comfortable with a man I don’t know having my contact information and told her that she should have consulted all of us before deciding on her own to add him to our group chat.”

She then made another group chat with all the moms and told them she still wanted a separate chat without the single dad. 

Grustock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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