Show Your Love For Others By Making These Heart-Shaped Tacos This Valentine’s Day

TikTok - @perla.cee

Tacos are a culinary delight that is beloved and cherished by all who have tasted them. Their versatility and flavor-packed fillings are what make them so appealing. It’s impossible to even conceive of the idea that tacos could be made even better.

However, adding a touch of romance to the dish can turn a classic favorite into something that clearly showcases a declaration of affection. For Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love for others with some heart-shaped tacos.

Their adorable appearance and delicious taste will make for an unforgettable festive feast. If you’re trying to charm a crush, this is the perfect way to win over their heart.

A content creator named Perla Mendoza (@perla.cee) is guiding you through her recipe for heart-shaped tacos and spicy salsa to go with it. Let’s dive into the recipe so you can get on your way to spreading the love, one taco at a time!

First, you’ll need to prepare the salsa. Gather 25 toasted Chile de árbol, 14 tomatillos, two garlic cloves, cilantro, chicken bouillon, and tomato bouillon.

The Chile de árbol is a small Mexican chili pepper of a bright red color. If you can’t find them already toasted, you can toast them yourself.

Just be sure that they don’t burn while you’re toasting them because that will make your salsa taste bitter.

After toasting the peppers, wash the tomatillos. If you didn’t need to do any toasting, just go straight into handling the tomatillos.

Boil them in a pot of water. Remove them before they start to open up, as that will cause the salsa to taste bitter as well.

TikTok – @perla.cee

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