The Guys She’s Dating Lied About Having A Child, Then Nonchalantly Revealed This Child Lives In Another Country With His Ex

standret - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When you enter a certain phase of a new relationship, there comes a time when any major details or pieces of information about your life should have been revealed to your partner. After that phase passes, any secrets you’ve been hiding make a much bigger impact. 

One woman is unsure what to do after the man she’s been dating for three months nonchalantly revealed he has a child living with his ex in another country.

She’s been dating a man she met on a dating app for over three months. On her dating app profile, she clearly stated that she had two children. Her boyfriend, who is from another country, didn’t say anything about children on his profile.

On their second date, she asked him if he had any children, and his answer was complicated.

“He said he sponsors a kid back home, so I asked him what that entails,” she recalled.

“He said [he’s] paying for his education [and] spending money for items he needs. I remember asking him if that was his own child or just a child he sponsors from an organization, and he said it was the latter.”

Her boyfriend said the kid was 13-years-old and that he keeps in touch with him directly. She thought this was a very sweet situation and applauded her boyfriend for having good character.

Three months later, the two of them were talking about how they wanted to be more serious and committed. On one of their dates, she asked him if he had been in a serious relationship before meeting her.

He told her yes that one of his most serious relationships was with the mother of his child back in his home country.

standret – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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