The Gympie-Gympie Stinging Tree Is Known As One Of The Most Venomous Plants In The World, Causing Excruciating Pain That Can Last For Months After Just One Touch

So far, the properties of the plant have been explored for its potential use as a weapon and possible medicinal benefits.

In 1968, the British Army’s Chemical Defence Establishment hired , Alan Seawright, a professor of pathology at the University of Queensland, to deliver gympie-gympie specimens to them.

He was never explicitly told what the plants were being used for, but since the facility specialized in developing chemical weapons, he assumed that’s what scientists were doing with it.

In 2023, researchers at the University of Queensland announced that they may have figured out how to use the plant’s toxins to relieve pain instead of causing it.

When the toxin is separated from a protein called TMEM233, it is then rendered ineffective. The researchers hope to convert the plant’s chemical compounds into new pain treatments without the negative side effects of conventional pain relief.

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