The Ominous Reputation Of Lake Lanier, Which Was Actually Built On Top Of At Least 20 Unmarked Graves In Georgia

An old auto-racing track remains at the lake’s bottom, along with submerged roads and various structures.

The debris and rubble make it difficult for search and rescue operations to navigate the waters, so some bodies are never found.

People have witnessed creepy sightings throughout the years. The most famous ghost story involves the Lady of the Lake.

Legend has it that the ghost of a woman roams the lake, wearing a flowing blue dress. Her arms reach out from underwater and drag unsuspecting swimmers to the bottom.

The woman is named Delia May Parker Young. In 1958, Delia and her friend, Susie Roberts, were driving home from a dance.

On their way, they stopped for gas and left without paying. They ended up careening off a bridge and disappearing into the lake.

The following year, a fisherman came across a decomposed body that turned out to be Delia. To this day, she is said to be still haunting the lake, claiming more lives every year.

Despite its freaky lore, the lake remains a popular recreational spot for many Georgians. In 2019, Lake Lanier received 12 million visitors. It’s one of the most-visited lakes in the nation.

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