There Are Just Two Northern White Rhinos Left On Earth, But Scientists Successfully Implanted An Embryo Into A Female White Rhino Via IVF, And This Breakthrough May Help Save The Species

Despite the rhino’s death, the team of scientists is hopeful about conducting additional embryo transfers in the future, especially now that they have proof the technique works.

According to Cesare Galli, a veterinarian and CEO of Avantea Laboratories, who studied the remains of the fetus, the chances of Curra having a successful birth if she had not died were around 95 percent.

Another attempt at an embryo transfer to a southern white rhino will occur sometime this year. It is also hoped that the procedure will be carried out on the female northern white rhinos soon.

BioRescue has created 30 northern white rhino embryos to use for the females over the next few years.

However, they noted that if more northern white rhinos are born in the future, the species will still be at risk because of the lack of genetic diversity.

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