This Is How To Tell When Someone Is Trying To Manipulate You Through Love Bombing

After they’ve gained your trust, they will move on to the fourth stage, which is all about hot and cold behavior.

Natalie states that a love bomber may disappear and leave you hanging for long periods of time, or you might notice their personality completely changes. For example, if you text each other every day, you might suddenly be met with silence for no clear reason.

“This is when your normal anxious attachment style would kick in. Or if you’re securely attached and this bugs you, this is when you would grow an anxious attachment style because of their behavior,” she added.

Of course, you’ll be hoping they come back. When they do, you’ll return to a calm state, and everything will be like it was before, with them treating you with the utmost care.

A love bomber will repeat this pattern of behavior until you get addicted to them. It hurts when they leave but feels good when they come back, trapping you in an endless cycle of pain and pleasure.

Sometimes, love bombing is an unconscious behavior. But the individuals who do it deliberately tend to be narcissists, and getting wrapped up with a narcissist is always a recipe for disaster.

So, if you meet someone using the love-bombing technique on you, Natalie recommends running far and fast.


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