This Model From India Faked Her Own Death To Raise Awareness About Cervical Cancer

Later posts by Poonam revealed this stunt was done on behalf of an unnamed “campaign” she had allegedly been working on for months.

Around two weeks later, Poonam suddenly deleted all posts on her Instagram related to cervical cancer and her death stunt.

Then, she posted a simple statement, writing, “The truth shall be revealed soon.” Not long after that post, she made another statement that read, “So now that I said the truth shall be revealed, the stakeholders have got the shivers and sent us a legal notice.”

Poonam’s followers and other people who’ve watched this unfold are very confused, and many are offended, stating it was wrong of Poonam to pull such a stunt.

Some find it offensive to those who have actually lost loved ones to cancer and are confused as to how her faked death raises awareness.

As for now, many are curious as to what Poonam means by “the truth” and how her fake death will affect her career in the future.

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