When Applied Properly, Red Eyeshadow Can Add A Pop Of Glamour That Makes You Feel Bold, Powerful And Confident

This kind of look pairs great with a dramatic black eyeliner. Bonus points if you can draw on stunning winged liner as well!

Patience is key when trying to achieve a more monochromatic look with red eye shadow. You’ll need to focus on a lot of blending and introducing some dimension to the look so your eyes don’t get washed out in all that red.

Consider highlighting the inner corners of your eye and underneath your eyebrows with a light shimmery shade and applying a slight bit of the red shadow to your lower lash line to tie the look together.

When rocking an eye shadow look that’s primarily red, it’s a good idea not to put on too much blush.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to pair it with a red lip!

You can also always use red eye shadow as an accent to any makeup look by creating a red cut-crease or adding a bit of red glitter on top of your usual shadow.

Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder with your eye shadow this year and enjoy your new fun, red looks!

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