With Nail Layering, You Can Actually Rock Two Manicure Trends At Once And Pull Off A Truly Intriguing Look

Glitter pastel nails

As we enter springtime, we’re going to start reaching for more pastel-colored nail polish. However, after a while, pastel colors can get a little boring.

If you want to jazz up your pastel nails, add a dainty layer of silver or gold glitter. This will add a little shimmer and joy to your usual spring manicure. 

Chrome French nails

This is the perfect scenario for someone who feels safe wearing a classic French manicure but wants to get a little more experimental with big nail trends like chrome nails. Well, try chrome French nails! Adding a sheer chrome topcoat over a French manicure is a cool take on a classic. 

Jelly metallic nails

Metallic nails are making a comeback, with people rocking beautiful metallic silver and copper shades. Another great trend happening is jelly nails, which make your nails look extra sleek and shiny.

To add another layer of shine to your metallic nails, add a thick, super glossy top coat to create jelly metallic nails. 

Glitter nude nails

Sometimes, you don’t want a ton of color on your nails, but you want some sparkle. I know getting a nude or soft pink manicure may sound boring, but you can bring it up a level by adding a gorgeous layer of glitter polish on top. You can stick with one color of glitter or use several colors to really make your manicure pop. 

While these are all great nail layering ideas, can you think of any other two nail trends that would look great together?

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