You Can Mix Coffee Grounds Into Your Conditioner To Combat The Drying Effects Of Cold Weather And Help Your Hair

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After getting through a cold winter and inching closer to spring, our hair and skin have been through a lot.

Cold air tends to wreak havoc on our hair and skin over time and easily dries us out. Now is the time to start looking for the best ways to condition your hair and give it a late-winter revival.

So many hair products on the market advertise their conditioning and moisturizing power, but one of the best hair conditioning tools is probably right in your kitchen.

For years, people in the beauty community have been mentioning that coffee grounds are actually quite nourishing for your hair and can take your hair conditioner to the next level. Plus, it’s a great way to get more use out of coffee grounds you’d usually throw away.

Studies have shown that caffeine has an impact on hair follicle stimulation, which can help your hair grow thicker and stronger. Using coffee grounds in your hair care can also gently exfoliate your scalp, nourish your hair, and eliminate dirt and dead skin cells.

Coffee grounds also have a smoothing effect on hair, which is great for hair that’s taken a hit during the dry winter season.

Now that you know about the benefits coffee grounds have on hair, you should know how to use them properly. No, you don’t have to dump the grounds straight from your coffee pot onto your head. You can actually mix them into your favorite conditioner!

Once or twice a week, reserve at least a tablespoon of your coffee grounds after brewing your morning coffee grounds and mix it into your favorite hair conditioner while you’re in the shower.

Apply the coffee ground-infused conditioner to your hair, massage it in, then rinse it out. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair until you no longer feel any loose grounds in your hair.

sriba3 – – illustrative purposes only

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