A Guy Invited Her Out On A Sushi Date, But It Turned Out He Was Just Trying To Rope Her Into A Pyramid Scheme

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Those who have fallen for pyramid schemes often employ sneaky tactics to try to recruit others for what they believe is a lucrative business.

Sometimes, they manage to show up when you least expect it. Some people have even gone as far as using romance as a ruse.

TikToker Renee Moncrieffe (@reneemoncrieffe) is talking about how a guy invited her out on a date, but it turned out that he was just trying to rope her into a pyramid scheme.

One summer, she got an internship. During that time, she ran into a guy she had known before. They had mutual friends, and he kept asking her out to lunch, but she wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.

One day, he finally wore her down, and she agreed to go out with him for sushi. During the date, they were having good conversation. At one point, he even told her about his “business.”

He stated that he had a passion for traveling and had started a travel business as a result. She started telling him about her side hustle.

Everything went so well that he actually asked her on a second date while they were still on the first date. Once she agreed, he suggested they do something more casual next time.

On the day of their second date, he picked her up from her place. When he arrived, she saw that there were two other men in the car with him.

When she went outside to question him about the men, he informed her that they were his friends and added that he wanted to talk to her more about his travel business.

Grafvision – – illustrative purposes only

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