After His Wife Recently Died In A Car Accident, He Found Out She Actually Lied About Writing A Book And Was Really Having An Affair Instead, So Now He Wants To Tell His Kids The Truth

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A month ago, this 46-year-old man’s wife, Cynthia, 44, to whom he’d been married for 22 years, sadly passed away in a car accident. Cynthia was a distracted driver who constantly looked at her phone while driving, and this was how the accident happened at the end of January. On the day of the crash, cops knocked on his door and informed him that Cynthia had died in an accident, and he was shattered.

About four or five months before her passing, she began distancing herself, and they were less romantic with each other, but at the time, he assumed it was normal for couples who’d been together for 20 years or longer, so he didn’t think much of it. Over the last several months of Cynthia’s life, she became passionate about writing and spent hours typing on her laptop every day.

“She told me she was working on a fantasy book, hopefully, the first of a series. When I asked more, she said it was about a fantasy world where a super advanced human race appears and interacts with orcs and elves and magic with laser guns and high tech,” he said.

Even though Cynthia didn’t let him read her writing, she assured him that once she was finished and confident with her first draft, she would allow him to read her book. So, after she passed away, he chose to celebrate her by publishing her book. He planned to hire a writer to edit it before finding a publisher. However, when he opened Cynthia’s computer, he couldn’t find a draft of her book anywhere.

“I opened her Chrome, thinking she might have written it in Google Drive, and saw a bunch of pinned tabs. One was a Facebook Messenger tab with a ton of messages with a man named John. I have no idea who John is. I’ve never met him, but they talked about meeting up, exchanged photos, everything,” he explained.

The last conversation Cynthia and John had was two days before she died, and they said “I love you” to one another before John told Cynthia he was about to go on a work trip to Germany. As he scrolled through the messages, he discovered that John had been at their house on more than one occasion.

Because of this, he immediately changed the locks. He had no idea if John was back from his work trip yet, but he didn’t think he was overreacting by changing the locks. Learning about Cynthia’s affair was heartbreaking.

“She did have a Google Drive tab, but in her drive wasn’t a book about Elves vs Vulcans, but a shared document with John. The document was a plan she and John drafted on how to divorce me, turn the kids against me, and take our home and as much money as possible,” he shared.

In this shared document, Cynthia indicated that she’d been putting several hundred dollars a month into a different bank account. Later, he communicated with the bank to resolve the issue with this account and made sure their children’s college funds were secure.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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