After Learning His Girlfriend Cheated On Him During A Girl’s Night Out, He Immediately Broke Up With Her And Refused To Hear Her Out

Bogdan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Until recently, this man and his now ex-girlfriend were in a relationship for two years. They hardly ever fought because they were always on the same wavelength and loved each other deeply. Before their relationship suddenly ended, it was smooth sailing.

“I knew she cheated on me with a stranger during a ‘girls’ night out’ from one of my friends that was there, too,” he said.

His friend told him he saw his then-girlfriend making out with a random guy. Then, they raced into the bathroom together and didn’t emerge for a half hour. They were sweaty once they came out of the bathroom, and his ex’s dress looked disheveled.

The following day, he met up with his girlfriend and dumped her, explaining that he’d been told she hooked up with someone else while she was out with her friends.

At first, she told him she hadn’t done anything and screamed at him that he should take her word instead of the word of the friend who gave him this information.

He didn’t say a word and just watched his girlfriend as she attempted to lie and convince him she was being honest.

“She broke down crying and begging me to forgive her. She tried to say the classic excuses, but I stopped listening and just went to my car and drove away,” he explained.

While driving back to his house, he was bombarded with text messages and phone calls from his ex-girlfriend.

After getting home, he didn’t open the texts and chose to block her instead. He also blocked his ex’s friend on social media.

Bogdan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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