Conventional Shoes Can Take Up To 1,000 Years To Decompose, But With These Cinnamon-Scented Slides Made From 100% Compostable Materials, You Can Quite Literally Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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If you’re looking for a lighter footprint to make your closet more eco-friendly, a material science company called Balena may have just the type of shoe you need.

Over a year ago, Balena created a line of cinnamon-scented slides made from 100 percent compostable and biodegradable materials. The footwear aims to offer sustainable alternatives to plastics.

With the mountains of old shoes piling up in landfills and calls from environmentalists to reduce waste, several fashion brands have turned their focus to sustainability.

The plastic, glue, and other materials in conventional shoes can take up to a thousand years to fully degrade. Additionally, they release toxins during the degradation process.

Most brands are incorporating recycled materials in their sneakers and clothing in an effort to be friendlier toward the environment. However, that doesn’t really address the problem of contributing to landfills.

Balena has taken the first step to confront the issue. The company’s Italian-designed slides are made of BioCir elastomer, which consists of a combination of proprietary biodegradable natural materials bound by polymers and modifiers. It is the first 100 percent compostable thermoplastic.

The slides are soft, durable, flexible, smooth, and water-resistant. Their color, as well as their scent, comes from leftover cinnamon from an Israeli tea manufacturer.

A thousand pairs of prototypes were distributed in Tel Aviv. Collection spots set up throughout the city provided places for people to drop off the slides for industrial composting after they’re done using them.

According to David Roubach, the founder and chief executive of Balena, the system can be easily replicated around the world. It takes just a few weeks for the footwear to decompose. In backyard composters, it might take longer. It is unclear when the slides will be sold commercially, but the hope is that they will line store shelves everywhere in the future.

5second – – illustrative purposes only

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