He Bailed On A Surprise Blind Date That Was Set Up Behind His Back By His Coworker, And Now The Rest Of His Colleagues Are Icing Him Out

Now, she didn’t answer, so he sent her a pretty heated text message– telling her that setting up a blind date behind his back simply wasn’t okay with him.

Still, when his coworker eventually responded to him, she didn’t even address his anger. Instead, she actually got angry at him for leaving the woman hanging.

“That’s harsh; you could have stuck it out,” his coworker added.

That only ticked him off more, so he stopped talking to her that night. Yet, by the time he showed up at work the next day, his coworker had already told everyone about what had happened, and he was being completely iced out by the rest of his colleagues.

“It’s like I’m the town pariah,” he vented.

“Now I’m getting the cold shoulder and a bunch of unsolicited advice on how I’m missing out, need to open up, and maybe see a therapist.”

Everyone’s input pushed him to finally lose his cool, too. That’s when he told all of his colleagues to “back off” and mind their own business.

Since then, the vibe at his job has been extremely awkward. And now, he can’t help but wonder if bailing on the surprise blind date was really so unreasonable or not.

How would you feel in this situation? Did he have a right to leave, or should he have stayed? Did his coworker violate his boundaries?

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