He Decided To Have “One Last Hoorah” And Hookup With A Woman The Night Before He Moved Across The Country, But Now She Feels Used

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy recently moved across the country. So, the day before he left, he figured that he should probably have “one last hoorah.”

That’s why he decided to reach out to a girl who he knew was into him in hopes of hooking up with her.

“By ‘into me,’ I mean physically attracted to me. We met by her coming up to me in a store and saying I was the hottest guy she’d ever seen,” he recalled.

Anyway, she agreed to see him, which is why he picked her up that night. Then, they slept together, and, according to him, it was really “incredible.” Apparently, the woman did everything she could to make him happy.

“I also let her know beforehand that this was my last night here, so I don’t think I led her on or anything,” he explained.

Then, the following morning, he woke up and hopped on his flight across the country. Plus, he decided to remain in contact with the woman for one week following their hookup “out of respect.”

Well, since then, the woman has expressed feeling very upset that he left. On top of that, she claimed that she felt very used by him.

“But I told her straight up this was my last night, so I don’t see how I’m at fault?” he asked.

Not to mention, he doesn’t think that he used her or that she used him. Rather, he thought that they both had a ton of fun together that night.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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