He Donated His Daughter’s Brand-New Expensive Bike To Charity To Teach Her A Lesson Since She Crashed Into A Young Boy At The Park And Caused A Lot Of Distress

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This man and his wife have a son and two daughters. For several months, their 12-year-old daughter desperately wanted a fancy bicycle, so last summer, they gave it to her as a present.

They also purchased less expensive bikes for their other daughter, 9, and son, 14. When they gave their children the bikes, they gave them a lecture about how crucial it was to be safe while riding, respectful of others, and responsible with their bikes.

“We specifically mentioned that if they were reckless or caused harm, there would be consequences,” she said.

A month ago, he and his wife took their children bike riding at a nearby park. Their oldest daughter was thrilled to ride as fast as she could and didn’t respect the crowd of other people on the path where she was biking. Unfortunately, she crashed her bike into a 6-year-old boy.

“She caused minor injuries but a lot of distress to the child and his parents. In addition to the scare, the collision damaged the child’s toy and scraped his arm,” he explained.

Once he and his wife checked to make sure the boy wasn’t too seriously harmed and told his parents they were sorry, they took their children home, knowing they would give their daughter a stern talking-to.

“I explained to my daughter that her actions had consequences and decided to donate her bicycle to a local charity that provides bikes to underprivileged children,” he shared.

In addition, he decided that his daughter needed to put her allowance money to purchase a replacement for the boy’s toy she destroyed when she crashed her bike. After he informed his daughter of what the consequences would be, she was obviously heartbroken and told him they were unfair.

His wife took his side and thought the consequences were fair, but she suggested giving their daughter a different, more affordable bike. That way, their daughter could steadily become responsible and prove she was ready for a fancier bike.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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