He Forgot To Put A Large Bachelorette Party Food Order In While Working As A Server, So He Lied About Getting A Black Eye And Landed Both Sympathy And A $160 Tip

“So, I run back to the kitchen, panicking.”

Dean then begged the restaurant’s cooks to move the bachelorette party’s food to the front of the line so they wouldn’t have to wait much longer for their food.

He then grabbed his coworker and told her he needed help, not wanting to get in trouble with his customers. This coworker happened to have all her makeup products on her, as she would do her makeup when she got to work every day.

That’s when his coworker decided to use some eyeshadow and dark makeup to fake a black eye on Dean’s face. In his video, Dean adds a picture of the “black eye,” which is hilarious because if you look closely, you can see it’s shimmery. Once his eye was finished, he went to face the bachelorette party.

“I run up to the table [and say], ‘Guys, I’m so sorry, but someone just punched me in my eye cause I forgot to put their order in!'” recalls Dean.

The bachelorette party immediately got up and began to comfort Dean. He took in their sympathy and informed them that because of the chaos, their food would take a bit longer to come out. Thankfully, his performance worked, and the party was completely understanding. They even told him he needed to rest and ice it!

So, to add some extra drama to his lie, when the food was ready, Dean arrived at their table with one arm supporting plates of food and the other holding an ice pack up to his eye.

“They were hysterically clapping for me,” says Dean.

Then, the party tipped “injured” Dean over $160 at the end of the night.

“This should earn you a spot on Broadway,” commented a TikTok user on Dean’s video. I agree; Dean’s performance was certainly theatrical! Bravo, Dean.


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