He Ghosted His Female Friend After She Tried To Set Him Up With A Single Mother Since That Was A Deal-Breaker For Him

pedro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 31-year-old man hasn’t been in a relationship in a few years, and his friend, Lily, 34, knows this. He’s always loved his line of work.

Over the years of training in his field, he got acquainted with Lily, who praised his enthusiasm. From then on, he and Lily were friends.

Several months ago, Lily contacted him to ask if he was dating anyone and explained that she had recently befriended a woman named Sarah, 29.

She told him Sarah worked in the same field as they did and had moved from another state a year ago. Later, Lily asked if he’d be interested in meeting up with Sarah for a date that weekend.

Since he didn’t see any downsides, he decided to go to dinner with Sarah that weekend. As they talked, he admired how smart and charming she was.

She spoke about the patients she worked with, and it was evident that she was a caring and compassionate person.

“However, as the conversation went on, I discovered she had a child, which was a dealbreaker for me. But I was already in the conversation, and the statement about her daughter came up as off-topic rather than me specifically asking for it,” he said.

For the rest of the date, he attempted not to look or act differently than he had been before, and he continued listening to Sarah talk, even though he knew that he wouldn’t want to go on a second date with her.

He put in effort to act upbeat, but inside, he felt terrible that Sarah’s time was being wasted on someone who wouldn’t want to date a single mother.

pedro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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