He Snapped At His Girlfriend After His Dog Died Because He Felt Like She Wasn’t Being Supportive Enough

Karoline Thalhofer - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Recently, this 23-year-old man learned that his 13-year-old dog had to be put to sleep. He was at work when he heard the news from his family, and even though he tried to leave work early to say goodbye to his beloved dog, he didn’t make it back in time. Once he was done with work, he spent time that night with his devastated family.

Before he went to bed, his girlfriend, 24, gave him a call. They’d already talked earlier that day, not long after his family told him that their dog was being put to sleep, but before he knew if he’d be able to leave work and say goodbye. When he told her about his dog, his girlfriend said, “Oh no,” but not much else.

During their conversation before bed, she asked him how his day was and if he still planned to go out for drinks with his co-workers that Friday (she wasn’t a fan of him doing this). Then, she asked him if anything noteworthy happened during his workday.

“I snapped at the last question and told her that I found out my childhood dog died over lunch, so unless she finds that interesting, then no,” he said.

His girlfriend wasn’t happy with his response and told him she had no idea how he coped with grief, so she’d been attempting to get his mind off his loss.

She explained that she wasn’t sure if he felt comfortable talking about his dog, adding that she’d already asked how he was doing, but this wasn’t true, and she’d never asked him that.

“To be honest, I didn’t really want to discuss what happened in detail, but I would have appreciated an, ‘I’m sorry, do you want to talk about it?’ or any comforting words, for that matter,” he explained.

After his dog died, his girlfriend canceled the plans she’d had to hang out with her friends the following day so that she could spend time with him.

She also sent him some kind texts, which he was grateful for, but when he talked to her directly, she didn’t show any kind of support.

Karoline Thalhofer – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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