He Threatened To Never Speak To His Parents Again If They Kept Calling It “Wrong” That He Still Lives With His Twin Sister And Claiming They Needed To Find Places And Partners Of Their Own

Daria Lukoiko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 37-year-old man has a twin sister, 37, and they have five other siblings. His twin sister is his best friend, and they’ve always had an inseparable bond.

They are each other’s favorite person on earth, have a ton in common, and don’t often disagree unless they’re debating topics. He and his sister even have a similar sense of humor.

“We live together and always have. Now, we can both afford separate apartments, if we wanted to but there’s no point in us each paying more money for our own one-bedroom apartments,” he said.

He and his sister think it makes sense for them to save money by living in a three-bedroom apartment since they enjoy spending time together every day. As children and teenagers, and when they went off to college, their family felt like it was great that he and his sister had such a close bond.

However, the sentiment has changed over time. He and his sister continued living together after they graduated from veterinary school, and their mother, 63, father, 64, and youngest sister, 24, all said it was strange that neither of them were dating. They were still just as inseparable as they were as kids.

While neither he nor his sister are interested in dating, and he especially doesn’t want to sleep with multiple partners, he understands why some might find it strange that they still live together. He and his sister have attempted to express their thoughts to their family multiple times.

Their older siblings, as well as two of their younger siblings, see where they’re coming from and are content that they’re content and living in a way that makes them comfortable.

“Our parents and youngest sister won’t listen and have instead made up in their minds that something must be ‘wrong’ and that we’re somehow avoiding life by having a close relationship and not dating/getting married,” he explained.

He and his father were on the phone a couple of days ago. During the conversation, his father began ranting about how he and his sister should move into their own apartments and settle down with romantic partners.

Daria Lukoiko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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