He Told His Girlfriend That His Pet Peeve Is When She Drags Her Feet While Walking, And She Got Super Offended - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old man and his girlfriend, 25, have been in a relationship for two years. They recently agreed to start planning to move into an apartment together.

He’s lived with roommates over the years, but his girlfriend never has, and she currently lives at home with her parents.

He acknowledged that when you have a roommate, people have habits that may bother you once you start living with them, and you might not be aware of these annoying traits before moving in together.

A while ago, he and his girlfriend went out to eat and discussed their plans to move in together.

“I told her how you will find little things you won’t like in each other more than usual (personality, cleanliness, and habits). So, I decided to state my pet peeve that I can see already is that she drags her feet when walking,” he said.

After that, he explained that he understood she may not be able to stop dragging her feet since she’s always done it, and when he’s been around her family members, he realized they all have the same habit. He told her he was just giving her a random example of something she does that bothers him.

Instead of responding to what he said, his girlfriend became distant and told him she was finished with her meal. He was baffled but understood that she was upset. So, they left the restaurant and got in the car, and he drove them back to his apartment.

“She promptly gets out of my car to jump in her car and drives away without saying anything. I thought I brought up the subject of pet peeves before, in the early stages of dating,” he explained.

His girlfriend’s reaction baffled him because when he thought back on their relationship, he’d mentioned that his brother drags his feet, which bugs him, so this wasn’t the first time he’d talked to his girlfriend about this particular pet peeve. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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