He Told His Wife She Either Needs To Drive Safer With Their Kids In The Car Or Else He’s Divorcing Her

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This man’s wife has two children from a previous relationship, and they have two children together. His stepchildren’s dad is incredibly present in their lives. Unfortunately, his wife is an awful driver, but she doesn’t accept this reality.

“She has been in multiple accidents and even had her license suspended. Not for a DUI or anything. Just because she is a terrible driver,” he said.

Instead of being responsible and pulling the car over when their kids misbehave in the backseat or asking him or one of the older children to resolve the issue, she often reaches around to the backseat while driving.

“My wife got t-boned in August last year because she took her foot off the brake at a red light to pick up my son’s pacifier that had fallen out. She didn’t put the car in park,” he explained.

During the accident, all four of her children were in the car, but she was the only one who suffered any injuries. He was furious and told her that she could put her kids in danger if she wanted, but while he or the kids he shared with her were in the car, she needed to be an attentive, responsible driver, watch the road, and keep her hands on the wheel.

His wife’s injuries were so severe that she wasn’t able to drive for months, and she attended injury rehabilitation. Recently, she was given the okay to start driving again, and he gave her a reminder about their previous discussion. He expressed his love for her and his stepchildren, who mean a lot to him.

Then, he explained that if she did anything reckless while driving again, he would file for divorce and insist that she would not be permitted to drive with their children in the car while she had custody. At this, his wife began sobbing, insisting she didn’t mean to get into an accident.

“I asked her how exactly she took her hands off the wheel, took off her seatbelt, took her foot off the brake, and turned around to pick up the pacifier by accident. She said I’m treating her like an idiot,” he shared.

He didn’t agree with this because he thought it was crucial their kids were safe in the car with her, and he wanted to remind her to drive responsibly. Over the years, he drives instead of his wife as often as possible.

Solid photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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