He Was Asked To Change His Hiking Plans During A Family Vacation Since His Son’s Girlfriend Wasn’t Physically Able To Join, But He Wouldn’t Budge, And His Son Has Been Acting Sour Ever Since

I pointed out that four people besides her weren’t going on this hike either. He said that I should understand her situation and not force a situation in which she is clearly being excluded by physical limitations and that if that were the case, he wouldn’t go either.

He told Mike that was fine, and the following day, they went on the trail and to the special beach with Emma, her boyfriend, and his other son while Mike and Jenny stayed behind with the other family members.

Mike and Jenny hardly spoke to him for the rest of the trip and had sour attitudes. When he offered to drive them to hang out on a different beach like he proposed earlier, Mike told him he had a lot of “nerve” to suggest that. 

His wife and other children have decided not to get involved in the drama, and he isn’t sure how to make things right.

What would you do if you were in his position?

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