He Went Searching For A Cute Girl He Met On A Flight To Atlanta, But Once The Internet Finally Found Her, She Posted A Response Video And Revealed She Already Has A Boyfriend

Natalia was found after Gracie’s video became very popular and reached over a million likes. Somehow, Gracie’s video had been seen by the very girl her friend was longing for. While it was super special to have found her, they didn’t get the reunion they were hoping for.

Natalia seemingly created a TikTok account (@nataliakhouryy) just so she could respond to Gracie and Russell. In her response video, Natalia can be seen walking beside a guy.

“Hey Russell, It’s Natalia!” she wrote in the caption of her video.

“I remember you, too! I’m really flattered that you still think of me, but I have a boyfriend, and I’m really happy with him. I wish you all the best!”

Just like Russell’s video, Natalia’s went super viral as viewers commented on the unexpected twist to the story.

“He got closure, but at what cost?” commented one TikTok user.

“This is not the ‘part two’ we wanted,” commented another user.

Gracie eventually made a follow-up video explaining that while Russell was seemingly upset, he wished Natalia and her boyfriend the best and would be fine.

Although Russell didn’t get the happy ending he had hoped for, he can at least be thankful the internet gave him some kind of closure.

Is there anyone you’d hope to find on the internet, or should random meetings with strangers stay random? Hang in there, Russell. You’ll find the right girl for you someday!


#duet with @Gracie #findnatalia Hey Russell! It’s Natalia! I remember you, too! I’m really flattered that you still think of me, but i have a boyfriend and i’m really happy with him! I wish you all the best!

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