He Won’t Let His Cousin, Who Just Lost Their Apartment, Move In With Him Because He Doesn’t Want His Family’s Routine To Be Disrupted, So He’s Getting Called Harsh

Vadim Pastuh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old man is currently married and has two young children. But his 32-year-old cousin Mark is now in a pretty tough financial situation, and he’s hesitant to help him out.

Apparently, Mark’s lease recently ended, and due to a combination of bad luck and poor financial decisions, his cousin wasn’t able to find another apartment in time. So, Mark was left homeless and asked to stay with him and his wife until he could figure something else out.

But, while he knows that Mark is a good guy, he also realizes that his cousin is more of a “free spirit.”

“Mark is the kind who’s into late nights, impromptu parties, and generally a bit more spontaneous lifestyle,” he explained.

“That was fine when we were younger, but with a family and a strict routine, it’s not really something we can accommodate.”

On top of that, his house isn’t exactly huge. So, adding even just one more person to the household has the potential to seriously disrupt their family routine and dynamic.

That’s why he ultimately decided to apologize to Mark and tell his cousin that staying at his home simply wouldn’t work for his family. Then, he also offered to loan Mark money for a new place and said he’d help him find one.

Still, after he made it clear that Mark couldn’t stay at his house, his cousin didn’t take it very well. First, Mark got super upset before accusing him of turning his back on his family when they needed his help the most.

“And Mark said he would never do the same to me and that family should always have each other’s backs,” he added.

Vadim Pastuh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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