Her Best Friend Randomly Dropped Her As A Bridesmaid But Still Wants Her To Help Out With Wedding Planning, So Now She’s Considering Not Even Attending The Nuptials At All

Artem Zatsepilin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s best friend recently got engaged, and while planning the wedding, she got asked to be a bridesmaid. She was overjoyed with the invitation, too, and happily accepted the role in her friend’s bridal party.

But, with the wedding now only five months away, her friend wound up sending her a pretty shocking text.

“Telling me that she has to drop me from her line because she is putting her cousin in,” she said.

Nonetheless, her friend still wanted her to attend the bachelorette party. Plus, her friend also wanted her to continue helping out and being involved with the wedding planning.

Now, after finding out she was dropped as a bridesmaid, she actually just ignored her best friend’s message and never responded.

“I felt hurt,” she admitted, “I did not answer her calls and have not spoken to her since.”

She really doesn’t understand why she got kicked out, either, because her friend already had a different bridesmaid in the bridal party who she isn’t even close with.

In fact, that bridesmaid isn’t a direct friend of the bride but rather a friend of the groom. So, she knows her friend’s husband was the only reason why that woman got chosen for the bridal party in the first place.

She, on the other hand, has been best friends with the bride ever since their childhood school days.

Artem Zatsepilin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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