Her Boyfriend Keeps Going On And On About That One Time He Slept With A Celebrity

Liubov Levytska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I don’t know about you, but I do believe there is one taboo topic that has no business being discussed in your relationship: partners from your past.

Nothing good ever comes out of a conversation surrounding escapades with old exes or flames.

It makes no sense to dredge that up and make your current partner feel weird or end up questioning things, and yet, many people feel the need to talk about their romantic history.

Some even go so far as to brag about it, and that’s exactly what this 25-year-old woman’s 28-year-old boyfriend is doing.

She’s been dating her boyfriend for a year so far, and throughout their relationship, her boyfriend has stated five or six times that he previously slept with a celebrity who happens to be quite famous in Korea.

“He was working as a sound engineer at venues and ended up hooking up with a celebrity there,” she explained.

“He tells me things such as, “You’re even better than [that celebrity in bed]; I’m so lucky to have you! You’re a pro.”

“I feel like it’s just another way for him to sneak in mentioning that he had [slept] with her, [It’s] not a genuine attempt at complimenting me.”

“I’ve told him twice to stop mentioning it, but he keeps humble bragging about it. I’m really not sure how I can get him to stop doing this or how I can get the message across properly. It bothers me a lot and feels very inconsiderate/weird.”

Liubov Levytska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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