Her Elderly Dad Wants $700 A Month For Spending Money, But He Already Lives With Her And Is In A Lot Of Debt, And She’s Been Stuck Paying All Of His Bills

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two years ago, this woman’s father, 69, sadly broke his hip. After surgery for the injury and rehab, their family thought it would be a good idea for her father to move in with her. That way, he’d have someone to assist him when needed.

“He has no savings, no retirement, but he does have a house that he rents out, and this has been his source of income for most of his life,” she said.

When her father and mother were still married, her mom put in so much effort to save money to purchase this home. After the divorce, her father took over ownership. Once her father moved in with her, he transferred ownership of his home to her.

He did so because he wasn’t sure if he could continue managing the house while recovering from his surgery. Ever since she gained ownership of her father’s house, she’s been managing it.

“Throughout his life, my dad has consistently been careless with money, going to Las Vegas and spending money flippantly,” she explained.

Plus, her father purchased numerous vehicles for his then-girlfriend and took out a mortgage on the home he owned so that he could purchase a condo for her, too. When he bought the condo, he put it in his then-girlfriend’s name, and later, she ended the relationship.

Since her father moved in with her, she started managing his money and realized he had more than $200,000 in debt from a loan. In addition, her father borrowed $47,000 from a family member and still hasn’t paid this debt back.

She doesn’t charge her dad any rent, she makes food for him, and he doesn’t pitch in any money for groceries or utilities. He doesn’t clean up his own messes or do his dishes. All her father does during the day is sleep, take occasional walks through their neighborhood, or eat lunch at restaurants. She pays her dad’s monthly health insurance premium of $500 and his $1,680 mortgage interest.

“I use the rental income to pay the $200,000 loan, and he has the nerve to ask me to give him $700 every month for him to use,” she shared.

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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