Her Friend Tossed $100 On The Table And Walked Out Of A Date When The Guy Said He Got Cosmetic Surgery So She Would Find Him Attractive

Charlie's - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

They say you should never change yourself to please someone else because that can cause you to lose sight of your values, opinions, and personality.

One dating experience proved that philosophy to be true. It involved a man’s attempt to mold himself into the perfect man, which completely backfired.

TikToker Daniella (@daniella.your.bff) is talking about how her friend went on a date with a guy she was seeing ten years ago, only now, he looked totally different. Her story showcases the terrible quality of the dating pool in Los Angeles.

So, her friend had been talking to this guy on Tinder for a couple of months. She really liked him, and from the messages she showed to Daniella, it seemed like he was a decent person.

She even gushed to Daniella that it felt like he knew her and understood her on a deeper level. As it turned out, he did already know her!

When her friend finally met up with him at a restaurant, things were going well. He was super cute, looked just like his photos, and they had much good-natured banter.

Twenty minutes into their date, he asked her if he seemed familiar. Then, he revealed that they had actually dated for a couple of weeks about ten years ago. The reason they had broken up ten years ago was because she hadn’t been physically attracted to him.

He told her that he had liked her a lot at the time. So, when she said that she wasn’t physically attracted to him and that the spark wasn’t there, he decided to make some changes to his appearance.

He got cosmetic surgery to reshape his nose and dyed his hair, giving him a completely new look.

Charlie’s – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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